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Welcome to our blog! Our mission is to share our passion for travel, wine, and food so that you might also be able to enjoy some of these greatest of life's indulgences. We do not claim to be experts in these areas, but we have a solid wealth of knowledge that will continue to expand as our life experiences evolve and change. Our goal is to consistently provide refreshing and honest opinions on how to get the most value for your money -- whether traveling to a foreign country or shopping for a bottle of Cabernet at your local liquor store -- as well as when we think it's absolutely worth it to splurge. We hope you will check back frequently for our regular updates and to read about our latest (and oftentimes humorous) adventures. Your thoughts and opinions are always welcome, as they will only broaden the resources available to our community. And please don't forget to click on our sponsor links. Enjoy and cheers!

Thadd and Alice Palmer

October 30, 2004